Change the WiFi settings on the BT Voyager Download Manuals for BT Voyager · Setup DNS for your BT Voyager · BT Voyager Reset. Your BT Voyager Wireless Router Guide. Important – if you have another broadband modem installed on your computer it must be uninstalled before. The BT Voyager has been released by BT Retail as the successor to Voyager . it takes you to the relevant part of the manual, which explains each option.

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BT Voyager-2110 Login Instructions

To get the full experience of these forums, we recommend you log in or register. Router problem after returning to BT from Tiscali loop unbundling.

While I was with the Tiscali loop, if the line dropped for any reason, my router would always go through the reconnection process automatically and reconnect, not necessarily at the same speed, but it would always reconnect without any intervention on my part.


Since being returned to BT, the line has dropped several times, probably due to the speed retraining process happening. However, manial difference now is that the router will not reconnect automatically like it always used to. I have to physically switch it off, wait for a minute, restart and then it reconnects. The router is a BT Voyager which has behaved perfectly up to now. When connected normally there are three lights lit When it tried previously on Tiscali to reconnect automatically the DSL light would flash for a few seconds, then stay on, and then the Internet light would come up.

If I physically switch off and on again it behaves normally and reconnects with all three light up eventually.

Setup WiFi on the BT Voyager

Anyone got any ideas? The firmware in the router is up to date. Could it be something to do with the speed retraining process that’s causing it? It’s definitely associated with being returned to BT. Doesn’t sound like retraining?

BT Voyager-2110 User Manual

More like not synching with the exchange. Can you suggest an easy one please?? You could look here for details on the CLI interface. Or here for mznual on getting the Stats – this should show the current line status. Lots of other useful bits that may help on the Kitz site Maurice.


Not sure what this shows It’s almost as though the problem lies in the exchange not sending a proper “handshake” when the line comes up again so the router doesn’t know manuzl to latch in. Father Jack, If you can log in to the router, when it has lost connection to the internet next, BUT before you reboot it.

Obviously you won’t have an internet connection at that point, but the router should respond if you put You would then be able to copy what it says there. It will probably tell you at what time the line went down, and what it tries to do about reconnecting or notand any failure message to that reconnect if present. There might also be a tick box somewhere in the user interface for something like “auto reconnect”, that needs ticking don’t know that router myself so not sure what it would be called.

If Bob Pullen is around Bob, last may you wrote this in the Forum.

I might just voyagerr imagining that though. Did you manage to get any further with sorting it out? It’s got to be something to do with the way the exchange tries to handshake the router when using BT IPStream.

If you can log in to the router, when it 2110 lost connection to the internet next, BUT before you reboot it. I can get into the router’s innards and do a diagnostic. The actual connection is visible, with line speed and SNR available, but it’s obviously not connected to PN. The diagnostic says “PPP connect fail”, and if I click on the option to voyagfr via the router’s firmware it keeps trying but fails.

It looks as though the login parameters aren’t reaching the Plusnet server.

Vt the router off and then on again produces a successful connection. Looks to me as though if the line drops but the router stays powered up the initial drop doesn’t completely reset the connection, and it won’t accept a new one unless the router is taken out of service completely. What all this tells me?


FatherJack on July 28, I’ve raised a ticket on this The Voyager helpline is adamant that the version of firmware I’m using will force a reconnect if a DSL signal is detected which it is and the only thing that can then prevent a reconnect is if the route through to the authentication server or even the server itself isn’t “on receive”. It can’t be the authentication server because I can get in by power cycling the router, so methinks the problem lies with the PPP link somewhere, especially as I can’t even force a manual reconnect using the routers “Connect” button without switching off and on.

It may sound a trivial problem, but the nature of my daily grind is that I receive streamed financial data. If there is a brief line outage with a quick reconnect it catches up, but if I’m not around and the line is down for ages there’s too much data to backtrack on.

Still struggling with this one, but BT will soon be on the case, so that’s ok ain’t it??!!! For info, and in case anyone can help with more ideas, I have witnessed the following happen twice What I thought was happening was that the DSL was dropping out and the router then wouldn’t resync automatically, but what it appears is actually happening is that the route through to PN from the exchange is getting corrupted somehow and breaking the connection.

Would anyone agree with that diagnosis? All that’s been done so far by PN is a couple of line checks, which of course show that the connection has been up and down but nothing else amiss. July 28, July 29, August 02, ,