Oblique Strategies (subtitled Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas) is a deck of 7×9 cm printed cards in a black container box. Created by Brian Eno and. Oblique strategies: Over one hundred worthwhile dilemmas [Brian Eno] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fifth edition “Stop thinking about art works as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences,” ambient music pioneer Brian Eno wrote in.

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Click here to cancel reply. Try getting your heads around these: Order by newest oldest recommendations. Includes all five versions of Oblique Strategies [25]. WordPress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but strattegies browser has javascript disabled. Processing programming language version. My random card for the day is “Do nothing for as long as possible”, which given my weary mental state seems almost spookily appropriate – and all to tempting to heed.

Oblique Strategies is most associated with bands Eno famously produced during his mid to lates creative highpoint, including Talking HeadsBerlin trilogy-era Bowie and Devo.

In May a limited edition of boxes, in burgundy rather than black, was issued. Brian was trying to add beauty to our music. InPeter Schmidt created “The Thoughts Behind the Thoughts”, [4] a box containing 55 sentences letterpress printed onto disused prints that accumulated in his studio, which ebo still in the possession of Eno.

Archive All posts by date. The number and content of the cards vary according to the edition.

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Oblique Strategies: life solutions by Brian Eno | Music | The Guardian

Available through Eno’s record label at the time, Opal Oblisue [11] [12]. We’re hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads.

In this case the card is trusted even if its appropriateness is quite unclear Sometimes they were recognised in retrospect intellect catching up with intuitionsometimes they were identified strategiez they were happening, sometimes they were formulated.

The most famous of Brian Eno’s dadaist mind games with music production.

Fourth World Volume Two. Sixteen years later software pioneer Peter Norton convinced Eno to let him create a fourth edition as Christmas gifts for his friends not for sale, although they occasionally come up at auction. So let’s go for Eno’s own St Elmo’s Fire. Roxy Music For Your Pleasure. They can be used as a pack, or by drawing a single card from the shuffled pack when a dilemma occurs in a working situation.

Back then, writes Dangerous Minds’ Martin Schneiderthe concept for Eno and Schmidt’s “set of cards with elliptical imperatives designed to spark in the user creative connections unobtainable through regular modes of work” emerged as a form of “radical intervention with roots in Eastern philosophy. Oblique Strategies isn’t just handy for making Coldplay sound a bit like Biran or whatever, they can also be applied to cringeworthy creative branding and cooking.

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The Oblique Strategies Web Site

Stories suggest they were used during the recording of instrumentals on “Heroes” such as ” Sense of Doubt ” and were used more extensively on Lodger ” Fantastic Voyage “, ” Boys Keep Swinging “, “Red Briqn.


Open Culture editor Dan Colman scours the web for strategiez best educational media. The story of Oblique Strategies, along with the content of all the cards, exhaustive history and commentary, is documented in a website widely acknowledged as the authoritative source and put together by musician and educator Gregory Alan Taylor.

Topics Music Music blog. The blurb accompanying the edition says: With public interest in the cards undiminished, in Eno once again produced a new set of Oblique Strategies cards. On each card is printed an often quite abstract instructionwhich is invoked when an artist, producer or band has reached some form of creative impasse and requires external disruptive influence to suggest new ideas.

How do they work?

Oblique Strategies: life solutions by Brian Eno

Strstegies a while, a small cult of Eno followers started up their own internet-based Acute Strategies system, where anyone could submit their own strategies, providing they followed lots of geeky rules about avoiding jargon and inside jokes and urging a familiarity with the I Ching and other oracular sources.

A limited edition in a burgundy case [22]. Here’s an online Javascript version of the cards. Depends who you ask.