Brett Garsed Rock Fusion download. Rock Fusion explores rock improvisation using scales, phrasing and concepts more Booklet: Yes (PDF). Booklet – Brett Garsed – Rock Fusion. Published on January | Categories: Documents | Downloads: 28 | Comments: 0. views. dpag Subscribe 0. Brett garsed rock fusion instructional video. , there is a pdf booklet with it that has the tab and traditional notation. The most.

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Thank you so much for 36 years of friendship, happiness fusino making music. She worked with Mario Goossens and the Damned and Dirty as backing vocalist.

After years of work the new and long-awaited Philhelmon album ‘Perpetual Immobile’ is here! As a long-time bass guitarist I also like to write and play blues-based rock, progressive rock, and make video clips.

Michael Samson has played with among others jazz-fusion flautists Ronald Snijders and Chris Hinze and has also with the great alto player Charlie Mariano.

Dustin has been performing live for over 20 years as a solo gafsed, in bands and most recently with Wilson Fifer Rose. He started off as a jazz drummer, playing swing and big band styles and accompanying the legendary Chuck Berry. Perpetual Immobile is gewoon een knappe plaat, die gaat gewoon eindigen in mijn jaarlijst. She often frequents Ky’s Youtube channel lending her voice, keyboard skills, and arrangement ideas to the occasional cover song he posts. If something is perpetually immobile, then it is forever unmoving, and if something is epistemically impossible it cannot be true given what we know.

This idea of inspiration and collaboration also makes me feel very fortunate that I live in a time where the power of the internet can open new doorways for working with people around the globe. Share your dose of Armonite each day; it’s online for free! Whether it be singing and co-writing rovk Philhelmon, or playing, writing, and producing his other bands Wilson Fifer Rose and Redtop Medusa, Ky enjoys adding his eclectic sensibility to everything he touches.


This album has a slight progressive rock sound and might more fittingly be called progressive pop. Emily has a natural affinity for music, and has recently started to sing in choirs and musical theatre productions. At the age of seven he got in garsee with music. Regan is a Graphic Designer and Photographer. You are not logged in. If you put in the thousand of hours your ideas will hopefully take shape. Jay Setar provides mind-blowing beats that compliment Philhelmon’s progressive style.

He uses his skills with Photoshop to create conceptual and surrealistic photographs. Ron is the drummer of famous band ‘Steppenwolf’. All we need is you to bring our music to a wider global audience! Geils Band and Aerosmith. The whole album involved some excellent singing and playing fision a wonderful cast of national and international musicians.

I thought it best to share some of it with you as well. After moving to America to record and perform with Nelson, Brett released two albums with fellow guitarist T.

It represents us on the journey of life and search for meaning. Van eentje weet ik het al zeker. However, it wasn’t until the summer of that they finally decided to officaly put some songs down together for a full length album. With this wide variety of fuion they want to proclaim Kerygma means Notification that faith plays an important role in their lives.

In addition to teaching at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, Brett also tours and conducts guitar clinics worldwide. I bookldt to remark that ‘Perpetual Immobile’ will end in the highest echelons of many peoples fusuon year list. Contributing to the band Philhelmon with Henk Bol is one of his great joys. The choir has 25 members and their repertoire consists of Dutch and English songs, ballads, worn-and up-tempo songs, both gospel-and generation Church songs.

In I started working on my second solo project entitled, ‘Enjoy it while it lasts’. Besides being a huge fan of music, gaarsed interests include astronomy and linguistics. Go check them out!

Guitar Time – Список гитарных видеошкол

There was no better opportunity for her to join two worlds. Austin is fuaion singer and actor form Oregon USA. They toured the Northeast U. He played with best friend Henk Bol in blues-prog band ‘Crusade’ till John was worldwide known as a doctor in science at TNO and very well respected for his research by his colleague’s around the globe.


Brett Garsed – Rock Fusion

Peter and Henk Bol garded somewhre in the nineties. For many years the choir is conducted by Addy van der Knaap who played drums with Henk Bol in their company band. I can’t help but continue to create and perform. Former drummer of many local bands and currently playing prog metal with ‘Carthago’ writing their own songs and prog metal coverband ‘Stranger Deja Vu’. Classically-trained Italian keyboardist Alessandro Bertoni was a member of instrumental progressive metal band ‘Aphelion’, whose only full-length album, Franticode was produced by none other than keyboardist Derek Sherinian – one of the icons of modern prog-fusion.

Musically it is progressive rock, but definitely has a lot of melodicism and accessible hooks to the point that you could almost call it progressive pop. Beside playing the guitar, composing and arranging have played an important role in Mark’s development.

Dennis also known as Scali Bohemiq is another modest great dutch guitarplayer and we are vey glad to have him on board again. Jacopo also has a degree in Architecture and a master degree in graphic 3D Studio Max. Jared like to play’s piano and likes to sing as a backing vocalist when he is at Ky Fifers home in Oregon. Ik kan iedereen aanraden om dit album in huis te halen, je doet jezelf er een groot plezier mee, en in mijn geval misschien zelfs de buren. He enjoys, giving workshops and considers that a very inspiring and refreshing musical activity.

Friends with Henk Bol since the seventies but they never played in the same band.