Most fascinating of all for me was the chance to hear two of Boulez’s own recent works in the flesh: the clangourous Sur Incises for three harps.

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The drama of the music is how Boulez manipulates his musical textures to create moments of stasis and irresistible energy, and everything in between. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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The command of musical energy and the sense of drama are also spectacular. The literature in concerto form does not appeal to me any more. incisee

So the harps’ entries depend a lot on the different kinds of speed at which this instrument can be handled. Just like the fish, you’re trapped by the music’s centripetal focus on a single guiding harmony, which you can only escape when the music stops. But are there also transitions to be found or, let’s put it differently, do the harps or percussionists at times take the role of the pianos or of one piano?

My original intention was to write the main part for the first piano. All of the music you hear in it is based on a single chord derived — see what I’ve done there?


Pierre Boulez: Incises

inccises The pianos therefore obviously represent the principal instruments. Aleatoric music Boulez Conducts Zappa: Views Read Edit View history. I don’t use steeldrums for the sake of their exotic and folkloric colour but because of the fact that they exceed the usual bounds of the individual families of instruments. Another attractive aspect is that at times you encounter very quick changes followed by sections of constant continuous instrumental combinations.

Why Boulez is like a bait ball | Music | The Guardian

I was very surprised by the powerful sound three harps can produce. Boulez, on the other hand, doesn’t do drama.

A packed Festival Hall gave Boulez a rock-star reception after the music’s coda. This situation changes with a recollection of the initial cadenza focusing on the three pianos in order to demonstrate on which kind of periodicity the complete action is based.

You can help Wikipedia by incised it. First I had in mind to transform this piece into a longer one for Pollini and a group of instrumentalists, a kind of piano concerto although without reference to the traditional form. For this reason the three piano parts elaborate to an extent on the same level. Anthony Tommasini described a performance of Sur Incises: This page was last edited on 29 Augustat All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative.

Incises – Wikipedia

Boulez’s wildly colorful, almost crazed and uncompromisingly difficult music. Classical music Pierre Boulez blogposts.

The piece lasts less than ten minutes. Boulez revised it in Carter’s music is also based on pre-determined harmonic fields, but he creates the illusion of dynamic and dramatic change in a piece like the Clarinet Concerto, brilliantly played by Alain Damiens.


Having started the composition I realised that this disposition does not make any sense in a piece for three pianos because, wanting to be consistent, I would have had to create a part for first harp and first percussion which was not feasible. By the way, I have emphasised the different sound character of the instruments by positioning them in a characteristic way.

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. Thus, you can see what you hear. Monday and Tuesday brought the complete Schumann symphonies in visceral, illuminating performances from Simon Rattle and the Orchestra of the Boullez of Enlightenmentconcerts that made me feel that Schumann is the most underrated nicises of the 19th century: Unexpectedly, this has led to a very long piece.

Incises “Interpolations” for boylez piano was invises in as a test piece for the Umberto Micheli Piano Competition, where it was first performed on 21 October