District Statistical Hand Book, Kalahandi. Author, Orissa (India). District Statistical Office, Kalahandi. Published, Original from, the University of California. Kalahandi (locally pronounced Kalahani) is a district of Odisha in India. The region had a .. According to the census Kalahandi district has a population of 1,,, roughly On the other hand, Ghumura, Madali, Dandari , Dhab, Bajasalia etc. folk form found in Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Deputy Director (P&S) District Planning & Monitoring Unit, Kalahandi, Bhawanipatna . Govt. of India on behalf of ministry of Agriculture the “agriculture census” District Statistical Hand Book is a handy book encapsulated with data on socio.

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Ghumura dance has got the opportunity to represent the nation in international events Delhi, Moscow, and other places. Habasipuri pattern is well established in handloom Saree. Ccensus dance is the most sought folk dance in Kalahandi.

Kalahandi district – Wikipedia

Phurli Jharan is one of the most famous tourist spots in Kalahandi. A long kalaandi of drought covering more than a century in Kalahandi has occurred. Rabandara is one of the most famous tourist spots near Bhawanipatna. It is a centrally sponsored programme implemented by the state government.

Kalahandi locally pronounced Kalahani is a district of Odisha in India. For the time being 5th round of VICS work has done.

Kalahandi district

The effect of the famine, according to the District Gazetteers, were of a magnitude unprecedented in any previous famine.


The scheme in operation in our state since P is taken as the unit of insurance for paddy crops. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar”. The surveyed railway line, Kantabanji Balangir -Jeypore Koraput via Nuapada, Kalahandi and Nabarangpur districts, needs approval, funding and immediate immplementation.

Location in Odisha, India.

Urban Local Body Statistics: Diatrict of Arrangement in Formulation of Policy. Shakti Puja is largely accepted among tribal, perhaps due to which Kalahandi was well known for celebrating Shati Puja. Working hours both for office and public: In Kalahandi district out of the total grampanchayats selected G.

In Kalahandi district out of the total grampanchayats selected G. Stone from Kalahandi is well known to make jewellery. The Upper Indravati Project envisages diversion of water, of the indravati river in its upper reaches into the Mahanadi valley hadn power generation and irrigation. As and when assigned by the D. The mixture of Aryan and tribal culture makes Kalahandi region rich in its culture and festivals.

Init started broadcasting agriculturerelated programmes sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture and nand began broadcasting agriculture programmes in different HPT high power transmission centres of KBK region.

The scheme in operation in our state since From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Acts as a torch bearer to the team of the technical staff posted in the District office and render technical guidance to various works implemented by the District office. Wood craft from Khaipadar is famous for export and domestic market. Its one of the three Doordarshan Kendras in the state of Odisha other being Sambalpur and Bhubaneshwar.


It aims to estimate the Area, Yield rate and production of principal crop paddy at block level and 13 important minor crops at District level. Details of pay particular of employees. Till date we publish District Statistical Hand Book with us. This article is part of a series on. Kalahandi is largely an agriculture based economy.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kalahandi district. Vyaghraraja was ruling over Mahakantara comprising Kalahandi, undivided Koraput and Bastar region. Celebration of Rathajatra and construction of Jaggannath temple in Kalahandi has been increasingly realised unlike in old days of Radha Krishna temple. Kalahandi district Districts of India.

That article led the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi to pay a visit to the district and brought the district to the attention of the national stage for its acute poverty and famine. For the time being 5th round of VICS work has done. Now a day more emphasis is given on preparation of Annual Comprehensive District Plan.

Agriculture alone is not enough for employment generation for this region and needs industrial development. Information Available in an Electronic Form.