नीतिशतकम् (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) – The Niti Shatakam of Bhartrahari. Pages from the Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation. Size. Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: scholarship. The name Bhartrihari is also sometimes associated with Bhartrihari traya Shataka, the legendary king of Ujjaini in the 1st century. Atha Nitishatakam – Sanskrit Shlokas + English Translation on Human Behaviour. by Bhartrihari. Book Description. Rupa CONDITION: NEW — BINDING.

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Home About Help Search. For what certainty is there [in earthly things], in waves and bubbles, or in flashes of lightning, or in women, or in the tongues of flame, or in serpents, or in the rushing of a stream?

Please enter the message. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. Rama or Rama Chandra, son ofDasaratha; 8. Regnaud re- marks, ” Prejuge” sur 1’erreur duquel il est inutile d’iusister. The fable to which this sloka refers is as follows: Those men are ordinary men who, while they benefit others, do not neglect their own interests. Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the bhartruhari care you all took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes.

Atha Nitishatakam – Sanskrit Shlokas + English Translation on Human Behaviour

Adornments may perish, but the orna- ment of eloquence abides for ever. Despise not wise men who have attained to know- ledge of the truth. You may send this item to up to five recipients.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Learned men are eaten up with jealousy; mighty men are spoiled through pride ; the minds of some men are obscured through ignorance: And as he approached me, brandishing his weapon, I was cast down into the ocean by the mighty Pavana.


Looking on these examples, a noble man is ashamed to fail in his promises ; he faithfully keeps his word. The Path of Enjoyment. Honourable men may cast aside life and happiness, but inasmuch as they are intent upon truth, they do not cast off their truthfulness, the cause of modesty and of all the virtues, following them wherever they may go, pure in heart, even as dear to them as their own mother. I am of the number of the spiritual teachers, honoured for my wisdom by the world.

Sringara Sataka, a purely amatory poem ; 2. The period between B. For this sloka, cf.

Bhartṛhari – Wikipedia

The pitcher takes up the same quantity of water whether it be from the well or the ocean. It means “well rounded,” as applied to the ball, and ” of good conduct,” as applied to men. We are, as it were, intoxicated: Let the wise man, therefore, who knows that all this world is vain, and whose mind truly perceives the evil of worldly attractions, direct his efforts towards indifference.

The Setting Forth of Egotism or Pride. Comparison and Ana- lysis of Caucasian and Mongolian Words.

Abstinence from destroying life, keeping one’s hands off another’s wealth, speaking the truth, seasonable liber- ality according to one’s power, not conversing with the wives of other men, checking the stream of covetousness, reverence towards spiritual fathers, compassion towards 48 VAIRAGYA SATAKA.

The noble-minded man may meet with repeated hindrances, but when he has once begun the pursuit of wisdom he does not give it up.


This sloka, slightly altered, occurs, Mrich. Man’s life is predestined by fate, and the amount of enjoyment that he has is in proportion to his own capacity for enjoyment. Based on your browsing history. If a man be learned, what neces- nitsihatakam is ssnskrit of the society of others? Everything, both in divine affairs as well as human, is represented as moving according to an irresistible law, the law of fate.

The Mongolian Affinities of the Caucasians. The moon obscured by the daylight, a woman no longer young, a pond destitute of water-lilies, a handsome man who talks nonsense, a prince entirely devoted to nigishatakam, a good man always in calamity, an evil man dwelling in a king’s court these are seven thorns in my mind. A virtuous nktishatakam, an affectionate wife, a liberal master, a loving friend, a guileless kinsman, a mind not harassed by care, a handsome form, abiding riches, a mouth abound- ing bjartrihari wisdom these are the gifts which Hari, the giver of desires, the delight of the earth, bestows upon the man with whom he is pleased.

The world, though it be supported on the king of the serpents, on the elephants that bear it up, on the great mountains, and on the tortoise, shakes; but that which has been promised by men of pure minds never fails, even though ages have passed away. The Praise of Firmness.