Besos de sangre has ratings and reviews. Kat Kennedy said: I remember someone explaining, chemically, how a cheese burger works. How the fa. Besos de sangre has ratings and reviews. Rochelle said: It took several tries but I finally finished it. Very standard paranormal romance b. Jeaniene Frost (born ) is an American fantasy author, known for her work on the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Night Huntress series and the.

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She is loud, spoiled and resentful of Leila leaving home when she was 18, leaving Gretchen. He accidentally killed his daughter Vera, after being turned into a vampire. It’s just so disappointing.

Besos de Sangre : Jeaniene Frost :

I did find myself frequently smiling listening to the story. He’s a Bad Boy. That bullshit was getting up in my gills almost enough to quit reading, but I persevered for the sake of immense boredom, morbid curiosity, or low-key masochism. Leila accidentally killed her mother when she was 13 due to her electricity problem after she touched a downed power line. She also has no hobbies at all! Oh and I hated the mom’s guts like I was supposed to.

But wait, did you think he just glares? Almost like he’s some Mad Scientist Super Villain. I did enjoy one scene with a disagreeable ghost, and even laughed out loud at the end of it. Perhaps my dislike of the wondrous vampire slayer coloured everything a dull grey.


Besos de sangre (Cazadora de la noche, #1) by Jeaniene Frost (3 star ratings)

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The gendered dynamics are offputting to say the very least.

Above all, the two main characters are individually loved AND a loved couple. I’m making rage-hands right now, just so you know. Now this book was already at a disadvantage as I had just finished listening to the Dresden files at least all of the bedos books, Jim Butcher I need more!! That’s when things get really interesting.

With this dress and my heavy makeup, Tara was probably thinking I must be ten shades of a slut. The writer tried to accomplish way too much ieaniene conversations – exposition, character development It’s like a woman can’t look hot without showing a lot of skin and wearing so much makeup you’d need a putty knife to get it off again.

Bones is very powerful and ruthless, he is also very possessive of Cat when it comes to aangre men who find her attractive. I’m always on the lookout for a new paranormal series, but the paranormal shelves at bookstores and libraries are collapsing under their own weight, and it’s difficult to find something genuinely good amid the mess. The women are written horrifically.


Instead of, you know, a halfway point and three-quarters point that are plot-relevant. Then there is Bones This name? Angel just never did it for me. I hate her with a grost that I can’t imagine getting for anyone else. A bleached, accented, cocky, luv’-and-darlin’-saying vampire?

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I have no idea where this book takes place. Like, how many times do I need to hear why Spade goes by that name??? Why, because it might be their last chance, with the big bad on their tail. Mainly due to the Cat’s sometimes silly decisions and rather selfish outlooks, to that horrible ending that I don’t like the plot twist in, this book is a 3 star rating.

This was really not my thing. In order to seduce vampires into leaving bars sangrre be killed, Cat dresses up in short dresses. Vond het allemaal een beetje oppervlakkig en het einde bdsos te explosief