Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing, ✅ FREE Shipping, and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Behringer Racktuner BTR!. User Manual. RACKTUNER BTR Ultra-Flexible, Auto-Chromatic 2-Channel Tuner with. Metronome and Integrated Racklight. RACKTUNER BTR A multi-functional, auto-chromatic digital tuner with a standard ¼ ” TS input for electronic instruments and a built-in mic for acoustic.

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In practice and for my copy of the tuner does not work at all. Log in Become a member. Provided by the person who sold me my amp, so used. It lights up clearly and easily to be seen in the dark of a club.

User reviews: Behringer Racktuner BTR – Audiofanzine

I may keep the housing and the guts to side projects, but I’m afraid that all components are vermin. I play a Tobias Standard 6-string and the rackmount tuner responds very accurately to it! Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

Seriously, save your money! In conclusion, it is a light behringger luxury because in addition, she metronome and can eventually help give its instrument. Buy on a website used equipment, specifications were enticing. I use it for 2 years.

All user reviews for the Behringer Racktuner BTR2000

And while walking niquel, with very little latency! I have been a bassist for over 22 yrs. Except that it is absolutely and totally unusable unreactive live to agree quickly. Write a user review.


I gig no less than 12 times a month and this product has been right on it each time I bought this tuner rack there about 2 weeks Excelent value! Just ebhringer that their hardware can usually buckle under a bit of strenuous activity. Also, adjust the sensitivity of the tuner as stated in the manual.

This isn’t the care with this tuner, though. A band that tunes at a different note than concert A will find this unit helpful as it will memorize the setting of their detuned note and consider it ‘A’ when they tune, allowing for a quick job. Featuring a stylish led design and a super lightweight construction yet durablethis is a fine product for its price.

In principle the machine is attractive, it makes a behrinter little light on the amp head, mute possibility to grant without noise But if it s done in the trouble, open the manual and you use potassium!

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Their lower end products accurately find the market hole and fill them in; whether it be a multi-use tuner for the rack or a 4 channel phantom powered mixer for an acoustic singer, it seems as though Behringer is a good company for that. J likes value bheringer money and small loupiotte to illuminate the rack. Little info anyway, I play drop B, A or even G 1 title actually and I just always sounds compared to the colleague who uses his Korg rack.


Did you find this review helpful? I completely, fullheartedly recommend this product to any bassist needing an awesome tuning component. So either the stuff is lousy from the start, or it has a reliability problem. Most other models, while of similar or better quality, can’t seem to match price with functionability as Behringer does.

Bref to be seen as a gimmick interesting and useful little s’averrer. I bought this gadget because it allows me to verification of a simple phone if I am given, to enlighten my box and use the metronome. Two years that I use. I tried Boss pedals, I have a tuner on my pod xt live, and being a violinist I know to give me the ear to give me a little “the”.

I therefore serves to illuminate the rack, in any case up to that the remaining two bulbs fart too. With Berhinger, s should not expect miracles, and yet I fell in love with it and since have acquired more Behringer products. It serves me today for my rack lighting effect, the only thing he can do. By using our services, you agree to our use of 200.