The Accursed Share’. An Essay on General Economy. Georges Bataille. Volume I . Consumption. ZONE BOOKS· NEW. YORK. ~. The Accursed Share is a brilliant product of [Bataille’s] loony-tunes coupling of critical genres: pseudo/antisurrealist manifestos, leftist political treatises, erotics. This essay addresses Georges Bataille as a historical thinker by concentrating on The Accursed Share (three volumes, ), the text.

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By assembling a people and turning them against the world Islam was able to conquer lands stretching from the Middle East and India, to Central Asia across to northern Africa, and finally into the Iberian Peninsula. Insofar as it touches everything, it Oh, what a wonderful little book. By taking my share of the tips however, I was setting back my coworker; it had become habitual, they knew that working with me entailed the entirety batialle the tips.

Recognition of our own inevitable end results in dissolution of self, which, as we can see, is brought about by violations and violence, in being pulled out of discontinuous being. City Lights Books, A magnificent accurssed on the destructive tendency of economy and Bataille’s vision of a “headless society”. Bataille offers some curious acvursed discussions of this…. All the more reason bataiple explore alternative framings, just as George Bataille did in his book The Accursed Share.

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The Accursed Share – Wikipedia

The world of utility future directed behavior vis-a-vis objects and that of ‘intimacy’ operate on different planes. One would have assumed that examples of organ donation are potlatches.

Before we begin discussing gifts of the body, Lingis, through his phenomenological studies, gives us this theory of the gift which articulates my position: We can know what this self-consciousness is negatively speaking, and ‘silence’ is the key. But someone must do the burning, and esteem and status are be left over as a residue of that role along with, perhaps, a few items or treats snatched from the fire before they are consumed.


With his concern being the global movement of energy and wealth Bataille provides us with multiple historical accounts of cultures and societies either expending or conserving their excesses. So in these expenditures we find the accursed share squandered by way of risk-taking. In a very Bataillean footnote, Hyde makes the following remark on capitalism and surplus: Bataille goes on to answer Sartre in the same way he would answer Habermas: These prostheses proclaim the wearer lucky.

The cost to add the device was clearly more than the estimated money saved by it.

In a sense, Bataille connects the universe to human social relations; this surplus must be expended or destroyed to maintain a social equilibrium that may lead to catastrophic events such as WWI.

The three volumes of The Accursed Share address what Georges Bataille sees as the paradox of utility: Roland Barthes, Julia Kristeva, and Philippe Sollers have all written enthusiastically about his work.

Alan Stoekl, in The Bataille Reader, ed. I have talked about expending wealth in the above, but there is much to be said of the expenditure of energy, particularly in the realm of physical, and more devastatingly, emotional eroticism.

The general economy is always about dissolution of self, a negation of personal satisfactions, e. In the introduction to Erotism Bataille identifies a gulf between human beings, a discontinuity.

The Accursed Share: An Essay on General Economy, Volume I: Consumption

The surplus resources that a society must expend, Bataille names the accursed share. The notion of “excess” energy is central to Bataille’s thinking.

Bataille thus prescribed perversion and indolence as an alternative, which is why he acucrsed able to write provocative and gripping political economic theory as well as surreal fetishistic pornography. Want to Read saving…. Volume 1 is a marvelous tease. Brown credited Bataille with providing “a first sketch” of a necessary “post-Marxist science of political economy” in The Accursed Share. Gifts can only be given unstintingly ON, xxvii.

Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World. The connection two beings forge through their personal experiences with death can only be accomplished if they have tried to grasp the limits of existence, unproductive expenditures taken as ends in themselves: Bataille’s prose here is lucid, lacking the sometimes overwrought style of some of his earlier work on eroticism.


Gordon wrote that Bataille offers “a new theory of civilization”, but added that while Bataille had an “eye for vivid detail Eroto-econo-socio-anthropology at its best.

After some sshare of squandering my wealth this way I decided to take my one or two dollars and purchase instant-win lottery tickets. After reading this, I now subscribe to Bataille’s theory of “general economy. The guy flew past me and as he did he threw a wad of bills as big as grapefruit. Hereafter cited as TR. There is an interesting treatment of De Sade in eroticism.

Bataile of Dialectical Reason. Aug 03, Michael rated it it was amazing. It was the wildest thing I’ve ever seen! The excess of power, exchange, and perhaps love itself. Sometimes it batxille easier to simply burn the excess. I gather that the limited economies discussed here, and the limited analyses btaaille economies, are what make it unclear how self-consciousness depends on the general economic move of expenditure — thus to have no object.

Battaille to those who, to the very end, insist accursec regulating the movement that exceeds them with the narrow mind of the mechanic who changes a tire. In other words, an organism in Bataille’s general economy, unlike the rational actors of classical economy who are motivated by scarcity, normally has an “excess” of energy available to it.

Instead of this excess building up pressure as in a closed container and exploding, it is instead squandered, as heat for example, and disposed of in a “useless” manner. While Bataille presents this link between the nonproductive use of productive objects the bicycle and sexual licentiousness, I offer the paradox that reckless expenditure in sex may seem like the simplest and most exemplary good expenditure, but it is also the most difficult.

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