Balthazar: An Evernight Novel on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For hundreds of years, the vampire Balthazar has been alone—without. You may be looking for the novel Balthazar (novel)) Balthazar More is a vampire student at Evernight Academy. He is good friends with Bianca Olivier and is in. You may be looking for the character Balthazar More) Balthazar is the fifth novel in the Evernight series by Claudia Gray. It is a spin-off from the main series.

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She’s written his story in such a way that it ties nicely into the series and also works perfectly as a stand alone. While in the library, Bianca is stuck in a trap set by Mrs Bethany specifically to everniyht wraiths. There are things I think that could have been improved upon, but it’s still a great read that I highly recommend to paranormal romance fans, Twilight fans, and angst fans. It is also mentioned that Balthazar tells Skye things about himself and his past which he concealed from his previous love interest, Bianca, further indicating that his romantic feelings for Skye are deeper and less idealised than his feelings for Bianca.

Lucas Ross is a new student at Evernight Academy, and he soon befriends Bianca and Vic who is his roommate. Bethany later stages a break in to the Black Cross cell wanting to take Bianca back to her parents. She doesn’t hide away when she has all the vampires on her tail, she continues on with life as best she can.


Skye is smart and she shows it.

Karen Klein, Staff Reviewer. And life-threatening, of course. At last, Balthazar chose to bite Charity but unfortunately, Jane is also killed after Balthazar had made the decision. Bianca’s secrets will force her to live a life of lies. Probably the biggest complaint I have about this book is that Skye is the premise, the point, the person that the reader follows, the whole key to this book.

Their love for each other was well written and really just a sweet romance. Ryan Calejo Release Date: Lucas is gravely wounded but Bianca drinks his blood and he drinks hers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While the ball is taking place, several human students are possessed by wraiths who are angry and confused as to what is happening at Evernight.

evernigbt Caitlin Adams Read the entire series or you will not understand it the way you would want to. Bianca helps the other wraiths to leave the human world.

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The romance in Balthazar is the typical kind of balthazaar romance, nothing new, but somehow, in some way, Gray made me like it. She inadvertently, because she had helped a friend, gets put in a terrifying situation. View all 6 comments. Several members of Black Cross are killed including Lucas’s step father Eduardo whose neck is broken by Mrs. They meet up again at a student party being thrown on the grounds.


Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Bianca states that he was the only vampire who’d never lied to her, but added that he’d done most of the lying to himself. Gray wrote a novel just about him!

Lucas Ross is the love interest of Bianca. She even gets Balthazar to teach her how to fight. Balthazar asks her to the Autumn Ball.

Balthazar (Evernight #5) by Claudia Gray Book Reviews

Since her death, Balthazar has had this guilt hanging over him and he never could quite deal with it. When Bianca is ‘kidnapped’ by Lucas, Balthazar goes with the rest of Evernight’s most powerful vampires to rescue her.

Feb 11, Zoey Talbon rated it really liked it. Even though things may feel weird at that moment, the changes are about to come three-fold, and Bianca is almost powerless.

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Their blood infuses and Novdl is resurrected to human life and back to happiness. Skye is tough on the outside but a sweetheart on the inside. It is just too good to be true, but it is.

When Lucas is following a rogue vampire to a hotel room he realizes that Charity, Balthazar’s sister, is staying close by with her clan, who the rogue vampire belongs to.