Aztaka is a side-scrolling adventure/RPG with a Metroid-like structure and themes of ancient Aztec culture. #1 in Game Reviews, Walkthroughs and Tips. iOS Impulse: Specials include Aztaka, various Gratuitous Space Battles expansion packs, and.

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Go back left and up to where you came into this area and to the shaft you jumped up.

Continue to the edge of the cliff and then use green orbs to grow branches on all the trees. When you get to two pillars, drop two blue energy orbs onto the spotted area. Pick up the walktnrough potion walmthrough take the path down to the temple. Use a white orb on the lights left on the chasm. She then turns a snake into a monster, you need to kill it.

Click on one of them then click on each shield as it appears. Continue left till you exit the cave. Where he was standing is the walktjrough to open the cells. I like doing endurance first as this gives an extra health point to each block, effectively doubling his health points, but he also needs agility to get to places high up and strength that adds to the damage he can cause.

I followed your instruction and it worked on the second try. Kill the guardian then leave left. These activate two wall jumping pillars. Talk to Axayachk he shows you where the 7th phonogram is.


It is a terrific experience aataka has the pedigree to be a indie hit. It activates a wall jumping pillar on the left, get on to the two rocks and jump at it.

Note the automatic save Enter to battle a monster beetle. Most of the branch holes can be activated when Huitzilo jumps. The City of Malinalco Go right, talk to the guards. Take the path Doorway outside the throne room.

Go right and drop down onto the ground. This new edition includes the game’s source code, soundtrack, and an art book, all bundled together for a reduced price. Pick up the Return from Aztlan skill on the statue while running towards the temple. I like buying something here as the next area will give more gold than the purse will hold. The brute is easily defeated using spells and the jump attack. You now get a companion Ayohpa and a spell bottom centre try it now. The guards drop some good stuff when I did it last time they dropped Hide Bracers of Vitality x2.

Use some more divine energy to open it. Killing guards and gargoyles as you go. Talk to the old man with the azyaka on the right side of the city.

Steals & Deals: Aztaka, 4 Elements, Alexandra Fortune, and more!

Keep going right, at the end use some elemental gold energy on the doorway to unblock it then exit. If you flipped all of the switches, the boulder will shift out of the way. You will jump further. One of the heads drops the mask of palecatl needed by the guard in the city.


Aztaka – Walkthrough, Tips, Review

Hit the rock door till it vanishes then enter. It costs one green orb to open. Move all the way left to the end, where a giant boulder blocks an entrance. A big textdump describing how you challenge the gods themselves and restore balance to the land. These energies tend to be dropped by slain foes and can be stored in different vassals that Huitzilo finds during his adventure. You should land on one of azraka new walthrough.

Destroy them all and get the Gold Energy container. Jump over it and let it hit the wall. After this continue right and talk to the shaman with the smoking pot.

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. You will find a treasure chest after crossing a chasm.

At the top pick up the solar naguall. This should complete the quest.