In this post, we explore Aya: Life in Yop City by Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie’s (Drawn & Quarterly). Aya: Life in Yop City is a novel. Aya of Yop City has ratings and reviews. leynes said: For the residents of Yopougon, everyday life is good. It is the early s, a golden tim. Aya has ratings and reviews. Zanna said: I read the introduction uncomfortably. Abidjan in the period when Aya’s story is set is painted as a bri.

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The story lines were pretty soap opera-y, but it gave me a glimpse into some facets of life in the Ivory Coast. It would also appeal to readers of romantic comedy.

At work ov tends to hit on the women workers, and is always being yelled at by his father. More By and About This Author. Plot and chart each of the subplots.

Was this review helpful to you? In it, the interviewer who acknowledges their bias, after the fact is insistent that Abouet admit that there’s a political undercurrent to her work.

Dec 30, Rosalind rated it it was amazing. The art was good, but the story was a little too much of a soap opera for me, with not very many characters I liked. Read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently CCSS.

Specifically, the story takes place in Yopougon-Koute, or Yop City for short. There are many cultural references to the s. I think it’s mostly just a story.

Aya of Yop City () – IMDb

Research various African colonies or Caribbean colonies and how the colonizing country influenced their culture.

Alas I’m beginning to wonder if Bintou is just plain stupid or she thinks extremely high of herself.

The film was co-directed by Abouet and Oubrerie and was produced by Autochenille Production, the studio responsible for the film adaptation of Joann Sfar ‘s The Rabbi’s Cat.

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At the age of twelve, qya and her old brother went to stay with a great-uncle in Paris, where they further pursued their education. While Aya wants to break stereotypes and go to medical school, Adjoua finds herself pregnant and faces life as a single mother, and Bintou hopes to find a rich Frenchman to take her cify from the quiet life of Abidjan to the more fashionable and exciting life of Paris; The status of women in the Ivory Coast and the challenges the young women face in their quest to advance their lot and roles; The struggles of men to preserve their roles as women strive for greater rights and freedoms; Yip importance and frailties of loyalty, friendship, family, and commitment; The role of class and gender in Abidjan; The challenges of dealing with unwanted pregnancies; The stresses and oof comforts of strong families and small communities.

It seems that Aya alone is searching for better answers.

Aya: Life in Yop City

Discuss how Aya and her mother were similar and different, especially when it came to dealing with Ignace and his infidelities. I very much enjoyed hearing the cultural idioms of Cote d’Ivoire, the social ins and outs of being a young woman with a foot in two cultures, as well as the sprinkling of other characters who showed other difficulties of life everywhere.

This book is all about saying “Don’t Judge” even as it goes about doing a hundred million things daring you to judge it. The post-colonial influence was enhanced by the fact that many Europeans, especially the French, moved to the country after they received independence. This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat Everything else about the book is ylp as enjoyable as before even though this cit is not as funny as the first. A ovo bi ocijenio kao “it was ok”, ali [I]”did not like it”.

She, unlike any of her friends, is a serious student who studies hard in the hope of doing well enough to get into medical school. Because Aya TOTALLY dangles a bunch of heavy shit in front of the audience — violence, class struggle, gay rights, gender if, capitalism, despotism, and domestic abuse — and then plays the whole ayya off like a sitcom.


Trivia About Aya of Yop City Aya represents the push towards raising the standards of women’s contributions to the community, rather than staying consistent with the historical gender role in Yop City, as displayed by the other women.

Life in Yop Yyop prepares the characters for the great people they will become in later books. Aya of Yop City is the second of three books in the Abouet’s Aya series, each based on the same characters.

Fortunately, the worth of the story ends up saving the day. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: You don’t read comic books.

Aya of Yop City (Aya #2) by Marguerite Abouet

There is a strong sense of pride and dignity, where girls and young women are extremely outspoken about their good looks and ability to attract men, which is ver A rollicking soap opera with many moving parts.

Recommended for qya who cannot wait to become adults, those who love food, music, and dancing.

This is such an illuminating and significant graphic novel that illustrates life in the Ivory Coast during the 70s for an energetic teen. Rounding down to three stars for the abrupt ending; fortunately, you’re most likely to read this volume as part of an omnibus, as I did, so you can move right along to the third in the series.

I enjoyed this second volume in the series: Return to Book Page.