Aveyond: Rhen’s Quest (walkthrough). Walkeekie; 33 videos; 54, views; Last updated on Jun 2, Walkthrough of “Aveyond: Rhen’s Quest”. Play all. AVEYOND BUILD B WALKTHROUGH – mandatory quests. NOTE: THIS When Rhen sleeps, there is a cut scene showing the Dark Lord Ahriman. He is still. At this point, the main quest for the game begins. You must Have Lars cast while Rhen and Elini just do the worst damage they can with their most powerful spells. the child you picked up in New Witchwood if you followed this walkthrough.

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Exactly when to move is partly computer-dependent, based on how quickly the party moves in response to your command.

It is he key to restoring the Rainbow Bridge in the Memory Caverns. Land and enter the Mysten Far area.

Aveyond 1 – Walkthrough

Faces will appear in message boxes when your characters talk in the game. You might walkthrougg some nice stuff. After you have saved your game, go up to the attic and fight the spiders.

She tells you to meet her at the Empress’s palace. Leave your house and go south into the village. You get to choose between a bag of silver coins and sun block.

Go downstairs and talk to Mistress Rona. A wind will blow and move the boat to the near shore. Once again, she asks you to find Lars. Continue exploring until you find a Genie Lamp.

Elini will also learn Nanghaithya summon Ravwyrn if she is an active party member. However, the two slowly lose all trace of humanity including their emotions for each other and remain lost in darkness……… How to Trigger: It has a key for its sign and it is located near the entrance to Veldarah itself.


The rhem will take you to another meadow where the last marionbell is. The Gauss Shield Spell, when cast by Lars during battle, will summon an earth shield for the party. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Sun block … Sun block?? There, walkthroguh Druids will combine their various powers and open a previously inaccessible door. You will see some kids picking flowers. Allow him to do so, and head back down to the thieves hideout. Since the quesh is quite big, you can use the “Find” command to instantly jump to any word or phrase in the guide. For a battling strategy, just make sure that Elini is constantly summoning, and Lars can cast offensive spells and, and heal your party as needed.

Dameon, who was betrayed by the Sun Aveuond and is now working under Ahriman, plans to turn his mother, the priestess, into a slave. Inside the ice is a Magic Clock … just the thing to slow down Aesma. Go down the steps just before the bridge and follow the path. The monsters there are much easier than in the Highlands, and you can receive quests and treasures, as well as upgrade your equipment in Ylisfar Oldwoods.

In Aveyond, go east.

Aveyond Tips Walkthrough – Gamezebo

This place is really big, but it is fairly straightforward. Find the seamstress shop and talk to the seamstress. Only fight the spiders when you have to. Save at the Save Crystal hint: Leave the house and go south into the meadow.

Aveyond 1 – Walkthrough

Near the entrance of the city, go into the junk dealer’s shop look for a shop with a sign that has a key on it. He can now see to find the Key to the gate behind his house, and will allow you to enter the Blackbone Caves. In one house you will see a torch burning on a back wall.


He has captured the souls of 6 druids: Drive Thru prank ideas? Initially, you can train with the spiders, and then head back to town to rest or to purchase restorative items. Depending on which you are more interested in you can make your choice, as neither are plot-related items.

Be sure to plant the second set of seeds you find In the cave, go north.

The other leads to the Mount Orion caves, where you will see an altar walkthrougu a boat on the other side of the cave. To get to Aveyond, head to the east and south and around the lake to a cave. From Veldt, follow the river south until you find the signpost.

Aveyond Walkthrough & Cheats

rjen She then tells you of three ways you can live out the rest of your life. Go into the temple basement and fight the demon for the druid’s soul. After you pass Teacup town, go north to the temple. To the south are the Memory Caverns.

There are also a few caves that contain treasure, so look around thoroughly. Leave your house and go east across the first bridge. The Mithril Rapier is a very strong weapon for Pirate John but of course the elven rapier is the best onewhile the Red Demon Summon is a summon spell for Elini that allows her to attack the entire enemy party with a low Mana usage.

From the southern dock of the Southern Isle go north-east to a large lake with a signpost below it, and then go south from there.