Most attemperation that I am familiar with in this setting is to spray water into the steam line in the boiler, before it gets to the turbine. There are temperature limits . How does an attemperator control superheater temperature, if attemperator flow however, if the temperature drops below saturation point (drew point), boiler. babcock & Wilcox power generation group. Plant Service Bulletin. Spray Attemperators for. Industrial Boilers. – Cracks in the thermal liners which have caused.

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The process dead time of the superheater increases with a decrease in boiler load because of the slower rate of steam i at lower loads. Overspray, or the introduction of unvaporized spray water into downstream harps, causing damaging thermal transients.

Several attemperator manufacturers have adopted this concept with satisfactory results. Depending on where the disturbances originate from, you may even want to implement a steam flow controller to deal with valve nonlinearities and steam pressure changes. After separation from the boiler water in the drum, the steam is superheated to improve the thermal attemperator in boiler of the boiler-turbine unit.

Because I presume that there is no tailor made block same like of Honeywell. However, you will likely also require some degree of feedback control to compensate for other variables such as different burners in use, boiler sooting, etc.

An attemporator might be used between superheater zones in a multi-zone superheater boiler or in a re-heater zone to control reheater outlet temperture. Step tests need to be done at low, medium, and high boiler loads, and optimal controller settings calculated at each load level.

Cascaded Steam Temperature Controls. They help in achieving the right output attemperator in boiler of the steam.


It is basically saying, all desuperheaters are attemperators, but not all attemperators are desuperheaters. Less cooling will occur at high steam flow rates.


Water injection is done in a device called an attemperator or desuperheater. Because of the changing dead time and lag of the superheater, the integral and derivative times must be scheduled in addition to the controller gain. Like superheat attemperatorsreheat attemperators are subject to the changes that are made in controlling main flue gas temperature in combustion.

Steam that can instead be used for the bolier plant.

While the numbers are moving in the right direction, there is still the opportunity for considerable improvement. Goal is to create as small a droplet as possible regardless of the water spray flow rate. What is meant by the droop setting in a steam turbine? But cascaded reboiler outlet temperature control could be very beneficial too. In addition to specifying that the spray-water flow-control element be located outside the hot steam environment, engineers at Control Components Inc, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif, suggest adding a thermal barrier to separate the hot and cold working elements to mitigate the intensity of thermal cycles experienced by critical components Fig Other methods of steam temperature control include flue gas recirculation, flue gas bypass, and tilting the angle at which the burners fire into the furnace.

Again, it depends where your disturbances or nonlinearities show up first. Honeywell Experion do the scaling for you automatically. Please provide me more detailss….

At first, the main and re-heat steam temperatures swinged and it affected MW and steam pressure. Ravi, there are several designs for this feedforward of which some seem to work better than others depending on the particular situation, boiler design, fuel type, etc.

Steam Temperature Control September 8, September attemperayor, at Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. Overshoot the desired outlet temperature. Designers must ensure total evaporation ahead of the temperature sensor in the steam outlet pipe refer back to Fig 1.


November 12, at 6: In the few cases where it is necessary to spray to saturation, a simple temperature based limit cannot be used. A proper liner is an important element in every desuperheating station.

On paper, these desuperheaters having spray-water control-valve trim in the steam flow atemperator, offered excellent turndown by virtue of their numerous spray nozzles, Anderson said.

January 24, at 3: Moreover, how can I represent integrated gain scheduling feedback loop in the form of controller bolock diagram.


Independent voice of the gas-turbine-based generation sector. Simple Steam Temperature Control. Failure of downstream pressure part—such as pipe fittings, heat-transfer tubes, etc Fig 3. November 11, at Firstly, I cannot thank you enough for this incredibly attemperator and useful website.

You can touch upon the integral windup problem frequent in STC. Less cooling will occur at high steam flow rates. The many presentations and technical papers prepared by Anderson and Dooley based on their HRSG assessment program are having a positive impact. Attemperator in boiler, From the attemperator in boiler you gave me it is not possible to tell exactly what the problem is.

The spray water comes from either an intermediate stage of the boiler feedwater pump for reheater spray or from the pump discharge for superheater spray. In addition to protecting steam piping against thermal shock, it increases steam velocity to improve secondary atomization, creates vortices that improve atomization and enhance mixing, and assist with heat transfer and evaporation.