Here you can find the detailed ARX ASURO Documentation and Datasheets of the parts used on ARX ASURO. You will need the Acrobat Reader to view these. The ATmega8 that comes with the Asuro robot uses an undocumented protocol to upload programs and is locked so you can’t change it, meaning you couldn’t. Learn more about Asuro Robot. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen.

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The connector on the Asuro robot has an extra pin that prevents that the connector from the battery-pack is connected in the wrong way. I wrote a program that controls the motors and LEDs with the switches.

A small correction in the function Turn now takes care of a correct turn: Odometer sensors and line following sensors are now read continuously and the values of the sensors are continuously available as global variables.

I use Genie for writing the programs. Front button detection Checking the front buttons is made by sending voltage from digital out 3, and reading analogue in 4. This means you need more batteries to compensate for the extra 2 Volts, and the efficiency of these voltage regulators is not great.


A better solution is to use a switching voltage regulator.

The motors are now controlled by only variable per motor. Right motor direction Forward: Gear on minimum distance 0 mm: This because the assuro Linux version is no longer usable on a modern Linux system due to its age.

The cover is made of cardboard. The software is a little bit old The line follow sensor is a light source that shines its light downwards and two light dependent sensors that receive the reflected light from the surface.

Arduino Playground – Asuro

I made the following corrections. But a standard linear voltage regulator uses about 2 Volts to do its job. Take the ATmega8 out of the Asugo keep it around, because it’s programmed with a useful self-test.

The advantage is that I now can use one battery-pack on the Asuro robot and charge the other battery-pack. The Asuro Robot and a maze This time the Asuro robot drives through a maze. The solution is robpt make a small circuit that enables the switching voltage regulator only if the input voltage is higher than 4.

Strange things happened during the execution of a program, and also the program stopped for an unexplained reason.

This Asuro wiki in German has more information. You can upload programs straight from the Arduino environment. The other wire goes to ground on the Arduino board. Introduction The Asuro robot is a small in C programmable robot. The program uses the line follow sensor to stay on the black line.


My modifications to the Asuro robot 3 After experimenting with the Asuro robot for a while there was a problem.

Asuro Robot

Connect the wires to the right pins. The gear with the odometer reflection sticker has a lot of play about 3 mm. There are possibilities in the software asuro. When there is strong sun-light the odometry sensors are nor working correctly.

The program uses the line following sensor to stay on the black line and switches to detect a collision. I also made a cover for the odometry sensors.

Click here for a manual asruo install a development environment for the Asuro robot on a Linux system. I built a small shroud around the line follow sensor. De distance between the shroud and the surface is minimal about 0,5 mm and that’s why the surrounding light has no more influence.