Identification. Asteriscus graveolens (Forssk.) Less. [family ASTERACEAE ] ( stored under name); Verified by Not on Sheet, Buphthalmum odorum Schousb. Familia: Asteraceae Subfamilia: Asteroideae Tribus: Inuleae Subtribus: Inulinae Genus: Asteriscus Species: Asteriscus graveolens. In the present study the phytochemical composition and biological activities of the aerial part extracts of Asteriscus graveolens against pathogenic bacteria and.

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The method of claim 1, wherein the polar solvent comprises water and at least one additional polar solvent. Any topical formulation as is known in the art can be used according to the teachings of the present invention. The formed solution is clear and homogenous, having a pH at the range of 4.

The effect of several concentrations of A. According to certain embodiments, the extract or the fraction thereof is essentially devoid of oils.

According to some embodiments, the ratio of the at least one fraction of water extract of A. According to certain exemplary embodiments, the pollutant is selected from the group consisting of pollutants presented in Table 1.

According to certain currently exemplary embodiments, the ratio is 1: Clinical Evaluation, Additional Parameters: According to yet another aspect, the present invention provides a composition for use in protecting a tissue comprising epithelial cell from the deleterious effects of at least one pollutant, wherein the composition comprises a polar solvent extract derived from Asteriscus plant or a fraction thereof.

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The extracts and compositions ggaveolens the invention are highly useful in preventing damage caused by various pollutants to epithelial tissues. In some embodiments, the polar solvent comprises water and glycerin. Asteriscus Graveolens extract was produced as described in Example 1 and used for evaluating its effect on gene expression profile.

Int J Oncol Various polar asyeriscus as are known in the art can be used to obtain the extracts of the present invention.

Saved one filter Removed from saved filters. Tissues lining the inside of the mouth, the esophagus and part of the rectum are composed of non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium.


A moderate but significant improvement in skin texture grades vs. Normal human epidermal keratinocytes NHEK were cultured in culture medium for 24 hours.

The stable tetrazolium salt WST-1 is then cleaved to a soluble formazan in a reduction process mediated by the glycolytic product NAD P H forming a red colored solution.

The method of claim 1, wherein the pollutant comes in contact with the tissue comprising epithelial cells in its isolated form. Sign up to browse over million imagesvideo clips, and music tracks. Infants Children Teenagers 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s Older. Traditional Chinese medicine preparations comprising a mixture of dried plant material including plants of the Asteraceae family, particularly of Asteriscuz.

Asteriscus graveolens ยท

Cigarette smoke was chosen as a model for pollution, being a relevant environmental contaminant with proven effects on health in general and skin health and appearance, containing many relevant toxic compounds, including volatile organic compounds VOC’spolyaromaitc hydrocarbon PHAsoxides and heavy metals Specific example of pollutants known to be present in cigarette smoke and have deleterious effect on epithelial cells are formaldehyde and polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

The oral compositions typically comprise an abrasive system abrasive or polishing agentsuch as e. Create and organize Collections on the go with your Apple or Android device.

According to certain embodiments, the pollutant is smoke-associated pollutant. According to some embodiments, the cosmetic composition further comprises a cosmetically acceptable or aasteriscus dermatological additive.

In these organs and tissues, the epithelium serves as part of the protective barrier against harmful physical forces, chemicals, pollutants, asterlscus and other undesired agents. Many of the compounds found in cigarette smoke are also found in air-polluted cities and industrial areas. Each possibility represents a separate embodiment of the present invention. Non-limiting examples of suitable fillers include talc, kaolin, mica, serecite, magnesium carbonate, aluminum silicate and organic powders such as nylon.

A small but significant improvement in skin evenness grades vs.

Asteriscus graveolens

The composition of claim 1, azteriscus composition is a fraveolens composition formulated for topical administration to the skin. The culture was further incubated with the intoxicated medium for additional 24 h or 48 h. The present invention now shows that polar solvent extracts of A. According to some embodiments, the composition is formulated in a form selected from the group consisting of aqueous solution, cream, lotion, water in oil emulsion, oil in water emulsion, microemulsion, nanoemulsion, gel, serum and milk.


If the problem persists, let us know. The method of claim 1, wherein the polar solvent is water. According to certain embodiments, the oral care composition is in a form selected from the group consisting of toothpaste, dental cream, gel, powder, mouth wash, breath freshener, gingival massage cream, gargling tablet, lozenge and chewing gum.

Asteriscus Graveolens was harvested from two of its known habitats at different time points. The present invention is based in part on the unexpected discovery that a fraction of Asteriscus graveolens extract, soluble in a polar solvent, is useful in protecting against toxic challenges met by the skin and other epithelial-cell comprising tissues that come in contact with exogenous pollutant, for example lung tissue. A set of 16 questions regarding variety of skin parameters was used to evaluate the treatment effect.

Non-limiting examples of excipients in ointments include hydrophobic or hydrophilic base including oil-soluble base, water-soluble base and suspended base prepared by mixing fat, fatty gravdolens, lanoline, Vaseline, glycerin wax, Japan wax, paraffin, paraffin sulphate, resins, higher alcohols, plastics, glycols, water and surfactant.

Agitation is continued until the carbomer is asteriscux dispersed. According to some embodiments, the polar solvent is water. These nucleotides are detected using a horseradish-peroxidase detection system and a non-toxic colorimetric substrate. The experiments showed that extract fraction of Asteriscus graveolens exhibits marked protective effect against cigarette smoke intoxication.

Free radicals reactive oxygen and nitrogen species are harmful to cellular lipids, proteins, and nuclear- or mitochondrial-DNA, inhibiting their normal function. Table 3 below shows a representative composition comprising Asteriscus graveolens extract for cosmetic use. We couldn’t load this image at the moment. After 24 hours of pre-incubation, the medium was replaced by cigarette smoke-intoxicated medium containing the test compounds assay medium ; H 2 O, H 2 Asterisccus or no addition as controls.