Aka: Retrograde Urethrogram, Retrograde Cystourethrogram Catheter placement); Technique: Bedside Emergency Department Procedure (where urology not. Submit. Urologic Conditions; Printable Version · Procedure · After Test · Printable Version · Home · Urologic Conditions · Retrograde Urethrogram; Procedure. PG: Dr. Nasin Usman Moderator: Dr. Balaji J. ASCENDING ANATOMY • Male urethra is to 20 cm in length and divided into: • The.

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Should there be any abnormal finding, the physician will inform you about this. On pushing contrast, the contrast immediately enters the bladder without filling the proximal urethral segment.

As many patients of urethral stricture are on a suprapubic catheter, we describe a simple ascendint to visualize the proximal bulbous urethral segment in such cases. Urology – Radiology Pages.


If you know you have had an allergic reaction to iodine containing contrast in the past, you must tell the ruethrogram before the procedure. After the catheter has been passed into your bladder, your bladder will be filled with contrast.

In Descending Urethrography, a urinary catheter will be placed to your bladder to fill up the bladder with a solution containing contrast medium and then the catheter is removed.

Ascending urethrogram has been the gold standard investigation in the evaluation of stricture urethra. In Ascending Urethrography, your physician will infuse contrast medium into your bladder through a special catheter that will be placed to the outer urethral orifice During this phase, X-rays will be taken at regular time intervals. Spongiofibrosis-The thickness and length can be appreciated by Sono-urethrogram, which is not possible with Ascending urethrogram.

A small balloon will be inflated to keep the cathether in place and to stop contrast medium running out the end of the penis. The cystoscope is maneuvered into the bladder neck and a 5-F ureteric catheter passed into the proximal urethra. A urethrogram is usually carried out in a hospital radiology department or radiology practice that has an X-ray room where there is fluoroscopy available.


During this filling stage, images of the bladder will be taken as necessary.

Ascending urethrogram is associated with complications like urinary tract infection, Bleeding and intravasation. Male Patients with age group between years mean 43 years presenting with obstructing voiding symptoms suggestive of stricture urethra were subjected to ascending urethrogram AUG under aseptic precautions and antibiotic coverage.

Hence presence of dense spongiofibrosis predicts failure of endoscopic procedures. The Radiologist was blinded to the findings of ascending urethrogram.

The radiologist will wear sterile gloves to carry out the procedure. This is rare, as the contrast is not injected directly into a blood vessel, but it can occur see iodinated contrast. This usually involves removing the initial catheter and injecting local anaesthetic jelly into the urethra, which pprocedure and anaesthetises the urethra, and assists passing a catheter into the bladder.

Urethrography | Radiology Reference Article |

Sono-urethrogram identifies all these factors more accurately than Ascending urethrogram. Also, in case you suffer from an active urinary tract infection UTIyou should not undergo the examination. Sometimes, at the time of VCUG the bladder neck does not open leading to overestimation of stricture length.

The complications were lower in sonourethrogram group compared to ascending urethrogram. Related Bing Images Extra: Radiol Clin North Am. A combination ascendinf retrograde urethrogram RGU and voiding cystourethrogram VCUG is done to define the site and length of urethral stricture. A written consent was taken from all the patients before subjecting to the study.

You will be given further instructions and information about therapeutic options that are appropriate for you.

A urethrogram is most often used to diagnose causes of narrowing of the urethra that are not caused by benign enlargement of the prostate gland. MR urethrography versus conventional retrograde urethrography with voiding cystourethrography. What preparation is needed for Urethrography? Search Bing for all related images. There might be a history of injury, surgery on the prostate, a bladder catheter or infection in the past, and any of these can result in narrowing of the urethra.


Sonography of the distal male urerhrogram new diagnostic procedure for urethral strictures: Following Urethrography, you can urethogram away resume to your everyday activities without any restrictions.

The specificity, sensitivity,positive predictive value and negative predictive value of each modality in the diagnosis of various urethral anomalies were estimated. Related Topics in Radiology. It is done just before the planned urethroplasty under anesthesia. In our study we have not directly compared VCUG and sono-urethrogram in the evaluation of posterior asceding strictures. None of the patients developed procedure related infection. Conclusion ascendingg is an effective alternative to ascending urethrogram in the evaluation of stricture urethra.

This is rare, but more common if the urethrogram is carried out as an emergency procedure. Most people will experience some discomfort during passage of the catheter and inflation of the small balloon. In this prospective study 40 patients with obstructive lower urinary tract symptoms and suspected to be having stricture urethra were subjected to ascending urethrogram and sonourethrogram. These images will show if there is a narrowing in the urethra, where it is and how severe the narrowing is.

In case of pregnancy, you should always inform your physician.

Other signs of an infection that you should see your doctor about include feeling the need to constantly go to the toilet and pass urine more than 36 hours after the procedure or a temperature or chills shivering at any time after the procedure.

These images are a random sampling from a Bing search on the term “Retrograde Urethrogram.