J. L. ACKRILL, Aristotle’s Categories and De Interpretatione. Translated with Notes (Clarendon Aristotle Series). Oxford, Clarendon Press, VII, p. Pr. sh. Aristotle’s Categories is a singularly important work of philosophy. It not only .. Ackrill finds Aristotle’s division of quality at best unmotivated. The Categories is a text from Aristotle’s Organon that enumerates all the possible kinds of Aristotle’s own text in Ackrill’s standard English version is: Of things.

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If, on the other hand, we approach category theory from an internal perspective, we will assume some answer to the external questions and then go on to ask about the correctness of the system of categories under those assumptions.

Of course, there are quantities naturally associated with some of these species. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Aristotle’s Categories (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Aquinas seems to see the species in the category of quality as unfolding systematically from some basic metaphysical principles. Finally, some scholars have synthesized the linguistic and extra-linguistic interpretations by interpreting Aristotle as classifying linguistic predicates in so far as they are related to the world in semantically significant ways.

So, to the extent that the interest in the history of philosophy lies in the way in which ideas have had an influence from generation to generation, Aristotle’s categorial scheme is worth studying not only for the doctrines it contains but also for the interest that other philosophers have taken in it and the philosophy that they produced by using it as a springboard. In fact, the essence of any species, according to Aristotle, consists in its genus and the differentia that together with that genus defines the species.


It would seem, however, that for Aristotle things are toward something else insofar as a relational predicate applies to them. So, for instance, we might ask — how tall is Socrates? And because quantity, considered in itself, is devoid of movement, and does not imply the notion of good or evil, so it does not concern the fourth species of quality whether a thing be well or ill disposed, nor quickly or slowly transitory.

Aristotle’s Prior Analytics book I: Two trends in recent philosophical scholarship are of special note. So it would not be all that surprising were he led by his sensitivity to linguistic structures to his list of categories.

He claims, strikingly, that the category of quality flows from form and that the category of quantity flows from matter. A number of other questions about Quantity could be asked.

Categories and De Interpretatione – Aristotle – Oxford University Press

Rather, I hope only to have illustrated how deeply acrkill and yet difficult to pin down fully Aristotle’s Categories is. Two of the highest kinds are action and passion. Quality Habits and Dispositions Natural Capabilities and Incapabilities Affective Qualities and Affections Shape Each of these species looks like an extra-linguistic type of entity; and none of the species appears to be a species in another category.

But there is no category of catrgories. Suppose I were to ask: Witt, University of New Hampshire. This passage illustrates the tenor of the Medieval derivational approach.

Consider, for instance, the two sentences: Oxford University Press July 24, Language: Sign in to use this feature. Hence, it is tempting to shift to an interpretation according to which Aristotle is after all focused on linguistically characterized items.


I shall discuss the first four of these kinds in detail in a moment. So, for instance, the greater, as suchis said to be of something else, for it is said to be greater than something 6a Aristotle – – Clarendon Press.

Aristotle’s First PrinciplesOxford: Academic Tools How to cite this entry. Moreover, some of the peculiarities of his list are nicely explained in this way. It must be admitted that it is difficult to say exactly what it means to say that a particular is non-accidental.

Hence, Socrates’ whiteness cannot exist without Socrates. We can approach category theory externally in which case we would ask questions about the status of any system of categories, whatsoever. Is there some method that Aristotle used in order to generate his list of categories? Many commentators have thought such a thesis to be deeply problematic. Barnes ed The Cambridge companion to AristotleCambridge: Instead, Owen argues, a being that is not said-of but present-in primary substances is an accidental universal of the lowest possible generality.

Categories and De Interpretatione

Nonetheless, without some procedure of generation Aristotle’s categories at least appear in an uneasy light. The ontology of the Categories akrill examined with a critical lens sharpened by a number of contemporary debates Loux a. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.