Marino Freschi, La letteratura tedesca, Bologna il Mulino (only the parts literature: pages ), Anton Reininger, Storia della letteratura tedesca fra. Anton Reininger, “Storia della letteratura tedesca. Fra l’illuminismo e il postmoderno “, Rosenberg & Sellier, Torino, , cap. VIII, pp. Gustavo Corni, Storia della Germania. Anton Reininger, La letteratura tedesca dal Settecento ai nostri giorni, 3. edizione, Rosenberg & Sellier, Torino

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Go to lesson schedule. The course aims at introducing the students to the most important periods and trends of German 19th Century literature: At the end of the course students are required to possess a thourough knowledege of the topics we dealt with, with regard to both the literature-historic aspects as well as the works in German; moreover they are required to be capable of analysing and understanding these texts and to explainf the knowledge acquired in proper German speech.


The course consists of one single module taught class ; after a short introduction in Italian the course will be held in German.


The course programme includes some of the canonical texts of German 19th Century literature, such as: Marino Freschi, La letteratura tedesca, Bologna il Mulino only the parts about Romanticism and 19th-Century literature: Part of the texts will be handed out sforia photocopies.

Further teaching material will be available on the e-learning platform related to the class. Non-attending students are requested to agree with the docent upon part of the literature-history programme and to focus the second part of the programme on the study of works representative of the 19th Century literature, by reading one of the following texts at their choice: The final exam will be written and held in German.

The written exam will be on the whole programme and it will consist in a conversation aimed at testing: The final mark will be in 30ths. Overview Overview Mission News and Events. stofia


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PhD programmes and postgraduate training. Course news Seminars related to the course. Learning outcomes The course aims at introducing the students to the most important periods and trends of German 19th Century literature: