Home · Sarah Kane – El Amor de Fedra. Sarah Kane – El Amor de Fedra. January 7, | Author: Adrian Grnd | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF – KB. Sarah kane el amor de fedra descargar. Sys pager – not malware but system restore that you don t want at boot up. Aesthetic. O Amor de Fedra () de Sarah Kane – Inglaterra () Esta versão da tragédia de Fedra e Hipólito, além de mais moderna é muito cruel e perversa.

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It’s brutal, and it really isn’t suitable for most people, but fans of transgressive fiction will definitely find something so compelling that they’ll come back a year later to write a review about it! Metti che prendi la macchina e le chiavi di casa loro. To me there are very clearly two periods in Kanes work.

Sarah, che anima sei. Just as Beckett did, Kane gradually pared down her drama piece by piece until only the very essential core remained; a voice, a ffdra, an essence of self sarwh.

sarah kane El-Amor-de-Fedra(1).pdf – Google Drive

sagah In the final sequence Theseus has returned home and disguises himself in a crowd. What a mean-spirited rat bastard of a writer. I shouldn’t have read this all in two days. Knowing that the play–which is essentially a suicide’s monologue–was the last Kane wrote before her own suicide seemed to solidify its veracity in my mind: Perhaps these plays were Kane’s way of externalizing her personal struggles, exorcising her demons, or simply a very public cry for help.

Ha cenas de abuso, estupro e canibalismo. Brutal and, well, fucked up, but an amazing view into a persons mind. May 07, Birgit rated it it was amazing. I read Blasted for a lit course fedda college, and everyone in my class hated it. Mar 11, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s so difficult to talk about Kane, ssarah though I’ve been studying her oeuvre this entire semester, and I actually had a 4-hour exam on this topic today.


If anything her work shows intense sympathy, each kans searching for redemption and the possibility of vision in a bitter, cynical world. Skin, the TV play, is an outlier in content and structure.

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Was not quite sure what I thought about it or what the message was. I’m not sure I’d ever want to see them staged, because they are viscerally awful for me, but again, very well written, intentional theatre. Quando io scrivo, non amof a dire tutto quello che voglio dire. Books by Sarah Kane.

“El Amor de Fedra” – Sarah Kane by Alia Musre on Prezi

The anticipation ends up being as powerful as the action; the violence turns out into something so unbearably casual that it almost becomes devoid of any meaning and ultimately we find it too much. Apr 30, Robin rated it liked it. This is what a Sarah Kane play is like.

A modern take on the original Sarxh myth. Taken altogether they are devastating and heart-breaking to the point that one almost is relieved for her that she is no longer with us. Metti che ti dedra al bordo del letto, e strofini lo sguardo sulle pagine logore. The more I thought about these things, the more disturbed I became, and my heart started pounding long after I had woken up from the terrifying image.

She then proceeds to perform fellatio on him. Want to Read saving…. Aug 03, cele rated it it was amazing. That play, and the others that followed, have been produced all over the world.

In other ways I am reminded of J. To ask other readers questions about Complete Playsplease sign up. It is hard for me to consider Kane’s work outside of its theatrical contexts as my first encounter with her was through Warlikowski’s production of “Cleansed” on stage.


In Psicosi delle 4. Non riuscire a vivere, essere bisognosi d’amore ma sapere che neanche quello riesce a salvarti. I spoke more in class that day than I did the entire semester. Un movimento per allontanarsi, Non per avvicinarsi. Sarah Kane ci riesce, e noi ci facciamo male.

Sarah Kane – El Amor de Fedra

Apesar de ser corajosa tenho os meus limites. Afterwards, Phaedra kills herself, leaving behind a note that states Hippolytus has raped her. Just to name a few things. Nonetheless, dedra last two plays are wonderful because they consist of very strong emotion and it’s probably recognizable to everyone to some degree although I hope for most to a lesser extend.

He is initially unresponsive, but when he reaches his climax he asserts himself in the act. It was a hugely unnerving experience of intensity that was fera too hard to watch.

But that’s the power of Kane – she shocks with impurity, violence and unbearable exposure that bend our mind and eventually break us down in our suddenly not so comfortable plush sits. Kane’s plays give almost no opportunity to catch a breath, there’s really no escape once you’re there. May mane, Serena.

True, you might spend a lifetime understanding some of these plays, so read them now and get started. It’s shocking in the moment, yes, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s about an extremely sadistic man, who toys with his subjects.

She’s the kind of writer who is so powerful and so polarizing, that she can terrify the tough people of this world, and, in my case, embolden the timid. Dec 14, Jure Godler rated it it was amazing.