Alfred Jarry’s The Supermale appears on virtually every list of cycling novels. But who was Jarry? And does The Supermale deserve its place. Alfred Jarry () threw down his challenge to literature, permanently altering its with whom he merges in the book’s–and the Supermale’s–final climax. I first read Alfred Jarry’s The Supermale in French many years ago, a part of a massive Gallimand paperback collection of all of Jarry’s work.

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Hoffman,” both for his priapism and his reality-bending will. Like Shaw’s Superman this is a character portrait that draws upon the Don Juan theme, except Jarry has fused it with Baron Munchausen, only to then give it the complete Ubu make-over.

Simon on Stanislaw Lem…or Algred.

I liked Ubu Roi and wanted to see more of Jarry’s work. It’s something he never thought to do before Refresh and try again. And not just zupermale his references, his poetics or his imagery. Andre realizes that his theory about love was wrong; sex does not equal love, since he has not fallen in love with Ellen.

Supermale (novel) – Wikipedia

Like a mock Jules Verne, Jarry describes these deranged proceedings in a calm prose, crisply rendered here by Barbara Wright, one of French literature’s finest translators.

After 82 acts of intercourse, doctors finally hook him up to a machine, with whom he merges in the book’s–and the Supermale’s–final climax.

There are eighteen million queens, the female half-cells waiting in the depths of their cavern. Our protagonist Andre Marcueil had grand ideas This novel is filled with irreverent and dark humor and it definitely left me weirded out but oddly I enjoyed each moment of it.

It is against them that Marceuil pits himself, shadowing them in such a way that the bicylists blame his appearance on hallucinations. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. The action takes places in only a few scenes, a diner, a short conversation, a transcontinental bicycle race, a stupendously long and ultimately fatal display of sexual prowess the likes of which Ron Jeremy, I am certain, would be envious.


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Would Andre ever understand This was my second time reading Supermale and I got a lot more out of it than the first time. A mad scientist tale crossed with bits of farcical high-society squabbling and one really long, bizarre passage about biking, this concerns the grand experiment of Andre Marcueil, who uses his own super-toned body to prove his theories about the infinite capacities of the human body, engaging in a weird stunt involving copulation on a grand scale.

May 07, Cheryl Anne Gardner rated it it was amazing. This site uses cookies. I’m going to leave it. But with a sort of crown, she turned the head of the docile monster, wherever she willed, to left and to right. He wrote plays, novels, poetry, essays and speculative journalism. He describes in detail how he engages in said activity with over 50 women until doctors finally attach him to a machin Another surrealist classic, Jarry dubbed himself a “pataphysician” – “one who studies the science of imaginary solutions, [pataphysics], which symbolically attributes the properties of objects, described by their virtuality, to their lineaments.

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I think I agree that Jarry is a genius — it sucks that he was so self-destructive. We are the only machines that have the capacity to generate love, and in that lies the truth: They penetrate and govern worlds with their glance. Trivia About The Supermale. I give this book five stars for creativity event though, in fact, it kind of slows down and declines in quality towards the end.

It’s very close to my heart. Jan 11, Reynard Seifert suermale it it was amazing. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Like a mock Jules Verne, Jarry describes these deranged proceedings in a calm prose, crisply rendered here by Barbara Wright, one of French literature’s finest translators. The trans-continental bicycle race, dreamy and eerie, is jarry high-point of the novel, with roses blooming on the high speed locomotive and the dead pedaling tandem across Russia.

Apr 07, Chris Salisbury rated it liked it. Trapped in the room for hours, they begin eating their cosmetics.

The Supermale

He believed it so fervently that he would risk his life in superkale ten-thousand mile race with a steam locomotive at speeds greater than miles per hour with no rest and no sustenance, save the cubes of perpetual motion food, then to copulate with the same woman 82 times in twenty-four hours, and to recharge an electric chair desig Our protagonist Andre Marcueil had grand ideas More importantly, as Lundwall argues, Jarry captures, despite the bawdiness and absurdity, the grim and melancholy aloneness of Andre Marceuil, of a superman, a theme that has become stock in American, European and Japanese treatments of superhumans.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Een van de meest toegankelijke romans van Jarry.

And what of love? The Supermaleelaborates a carnal Pataphysics: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Jarry’s manier van schrijven doet ongekend modern en surr Bizarre, in de toekomst namelijk spelende, humoristische roman over de mens en de machine. If you haven’t read Jarry you’ll probably like it a lot but wonder why you paid so much money for it.

Ralph GladstoneBarbara Wright. Your blog, on the other hand, is a bloody treasure. A five-person bicycle is racing a train full of spectators, including Ellen. Soms erg grappig, geniaal, banaal of flauw, maar nooit vervelend.

Barbara Wright, a novelist and screenwriter, lives in Kansas City, Missouri. There are streaks of unimaginable beauty throughout this book. Could he see God in himself, even though his egotistical mania filled him with the belief that he actually was God.

But The Supermale is also satire on supermen, as afred had become something of a philosophical vogue at the time, not just Nietzsche obviously and obvious in this book but George Bernard Shaw and H. Above all, discretely woven into this tale is a love story, a heart wrenching sad love story.

The metallic beast, like su;ermale huge beetle, fluttered its wing-sheaths, scratched the ground, trembled, agitated its feelers, and departed.