Mohan Publications All Books In Internet Archive: @ mohanpublications Mohan Publications Book List: . Acharya hrudayam has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. This book contains the simple Tamil commentary written by Prapanna Vidwan othama Naidu for. Acharya Hrudayam – Moolam and Vyakhyanam Book in Tamil published by PBA Swami

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How are they identified?


It is the how the soul is defined. Aacharya Hrudayam- Part2 Sutras Part1: The responsiblity of carrying the kitten lies entirely with the cat and the kitten does nothing but surrenders to whatever the cat does. Periyazhwar says,”kAli pinnE varuginra kannapirAn vedathai kanIr.

Our great ancestors detested what Manu did not specify or recognise in his smriti. In Thirunedunthaandakam-4 ;Thirumangai Aazhwar says,”Senthirathha thamizhosai vadasollaagi” indicating that the Dravida veda was preached in Sanskrit format.

Carrying it is also very uncomfortable as one has to be very careful lest it breaks to pieces. The Knowledge of the Artha Panchaka is the guiding light to the ultimate bliss. Hardcoverpages. Even if the hold slips for a moment the person will be drowned in the flood. They recite the Divya Prabhandas. The only objective of life is Kainkarya to the Lord. The Vedas are present in various forms that can be understood by the varying capability and qualification of the people in various worlds.

Aazhwar glorified such souls that had fallen from glory into the horrible samsara. Therefore the Vedas mean Divine order or command. But Aazhwar’s mother is different. The sastris identify themselves based on their home-town or village; their dynastytheir clan or gothra and their caste. Varadharajan added it Oct 06, But later due to people of ignorance, the Vedic texts are branded the wrong meanings and everyone is confused just as the Cauvery becomes turbid.


The essence of the Vishnu Gayathri is the Eight-lettered Narayana mantra. The Lord Srimannarayana gave the elixir to the devas to attain amaratva immortality throughout their life time at the end of their lifetime they undergo laya by churning the Ksheera Sagara.

The Lord rose from His yoga nidra and revealed the Vedas to Brahma. He is gifted with the brightness by SriSudarshana “Thirumaal thirukkai chakkaram” Thiruviruthham Lord Krishna lived in the forest and villages. Similarly the Divya Prabhandas are the simplest and easiest form to comprehend the lofty Vedas. The knowledge obtained from them is thus accurate and divine.

Similarly it is not possible for us to enjoy the Kalyana Gunas of the Lord in Vyuha. However all these revelations are not correct as Brahma was possessed by different Gunas in different Kalpas. The Sungod Surya has four names But Sri Aazhwar brought glory to we -helpless souls who were imprisoned in the prison of Samsara and had many weaknesses. They should not discuss their birth and caste. The Thiruvoymozhi is also sung after the Pranava.

Acharya hrudayam by othama Naidu

Adiyen subordinate to the Lord and His devoteesbelonging to thondar kula “Venkatathai pathiyaga vazhveerhal” residing in a Divyadesam performing Kainkarya; am a servant of SriRamanuja Ramanujadasan.


Sita, Bharatha and Krishna only increased manifold that greatness. By learning the “aayiram pasurangal” Thiruvoy.

They are free from shortcomings or mistakes. They felt that the trees, dust and grass had His Thiruvadi Sambhandam unlike them. Though their glory is greater than that of the sastris, they are never touched by Ahamkara and Mamakara because they aharya all their glory to His grace and association.

In short this can be stated as “the Lack of Artha Panchaka Gnana is the source of all suffering”. The Sun -Soorya with seven chhandas as horses and a one-wheeled chariot carries out the Lord’s order by rising and setting.

While Karma depends on the destructible body; Kainkarya depends only on the spiritual maturity of the immortal soul. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Hence they hold that all Sanskrit literature must alone be considered. Krishna was brought up in a place where there is the odour of the residue obtained after preparing butter.

This is done for rectifying the other misled souls. It should be handled carefully and only by the right person and that too for only a particular period of time.