Readers’ questions about stupňů Fahrenheita. 63 questions answered. Title, stupňů Fahrenheita: stupňů Fahrenheita – teplota, při níž se papír vznítí a hoří Author, Ray Bradbury. Translated by, Jarmila Emmerová, Josef. prosinec Read a free sample or buy stupňů Fahrenheita by Ray Bradbury. You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or.

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It’s not bad, but it’s too strange to be a book I like. Brian McGoldrick This is one of the greatest scifi novels ever written. I never found Fahrenheit to be weird. Disturbing yes, but never weird. Today more than ever …more This is one of the greatest scifi novels ever written.

Today more than ever I wonder if it 4451 more prophetic than anything. The works of older authors are being censored to remove “objectionable” and “politically incorrect” content, before they can be read in schools and universities. Little babies who are theoretically supposed to university students are screaming fahrrenheita crying because books and ideas offend them and hurt their feelings. They want “safe zones” and “trigger warnings” to protect their fragile little egos.

How long before the cry goes up to start burning the objectionable books? Oh, never mind, that cry is already going up from some of those precious snowflakes. With the way we are going, a society like Fahrenheit may be entirely too possible. Is this book considered in the horror category? Thx for your concern.

Julie Yes if your biggest fear is someone coming to your home and burning all your books. Did anyone else found quite revealing that Captain Beatty would know so many different book quotes off the top of his head? It seams to me he was an avid reader. What are your thoughts on this? If only I could put all my thoughts down in this one little box. Beatty is such a complex character, how could I resist exploring a bunch …more Fahrenheit goodness. Beatty is such a complex character, how could I resist exploring a bunch of different ideas on him?


I for one, believe that Captain Beatty owns and has read his fair share of books. And by “fair share,” I mean hundreds. That’s the only way I know of to keep these quotes on the top of his mind.

stupňů Fahrenheita by Ray Bradbury on Apple Books

But you of course, have probably already come to this conclusion. It’s obvious Beatty is quite a vain man. The way he talks to Montag, his firemen, and the victims of his fire, it shows just how large of an ego he has. I believe he has a warped sense about the book he read.

A sort of “I can handle reading, but you certainly can’t” kind of attitude. However, another completely different take on it could link into his past, which we know so dear little about.

I was actually just recently in a teen production of “Fahrenheit ,” which was a little different than the book and provided more of a backstory to Beatty, who I was cast as. Of course, being a teenage girl, we switched up the gender of the Fire Captain. Surprisingly enough, the transition was almost too good to be true. He graces vaguely over the people he lost, and states to Montag that he did once read book after book The way I interpreted the role, it seemed as if he blamed the books for being the reason he lost his family and friends.

Basically, the books he once loved are now the fuel for his hate. Maybe he remembers the words from so long ago that used to be the reason he stayed up late at night, thinking and dreaming, but now only bring a reminder of what he lost.


stupňů Fahrenheita (Book, ) []

Maybe, a long time ago, he might have been just the same as Clarisse. Maybe he sees himself in Montag, and shows him what he knows, hoping that maybe things can turn out differently for him. Sorry if this is too lengthy, or doesn’t answer your question, but I really do enjoy sharing my thoughts about Beatty! Wanting to teach this book in my 6th grade classes. Can anyone think of a subject matter or language that I need to be aware of? I think this will be a great comparison to the level of technology we have today!!

451 stupňů Fahrenheita

Tytti Shouldn’t you read the book yourself if you are going to teach it? In the book, it says that the houses are fireproof, yet the firemen burn them down when they find books. If they are fireproof, how do they burn down? Jenny My interpretation is that the houses are “fireproof” in that they generally cannot be accidentally set on fire.

A wiring malfunction isn’t going to …more My interpretation is that the houses are “fireproof” stuppnu that they generally cannot be accidentally set on fire. A wiring malfunction isn’t going to take a house down. A grease fire on a stove won’t set off a catastrophe.

It takes deliberate force to burn a house, which is why they have professional groups of men that have to come in with special equipment and firepower, forgive the pun, to burn down a house.

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